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D’Cafe partners with BITMOVIN to accelerate the transformation of Video

NEWS - Thursday 21st January 2021

With Bitmovin’s Encoding, Player and Analytics products we can redefine the viewer experience, while drastically lowering streaming costs.

Digital Convergence Technologies Inc. has joined hands with Bitmovin to build innovative and powerful solutions for video workflows that will help content owners around the world to generate more revenue while saving money. Bitmovin prides itself on having extended its services to over 300 high-end customers worldwide, including Tata Sky, BBC and The New York Times.

At DCT, through D’Cafe – a unified video solution for Live Events and On-Demand we are using premium solutions and services of Bitmovin (Player and Analytics). The API driven solution has been supplying the right functionality and capabilities compatible across all platforms, optimizing workflows according to user metrics.

As the online viewers continue to grow, the ability to innovate, understand the services that consumers are choosing to use has made a difference for our customers, especially in product development. Specifically, it has helped us focus on activities that will result in growth, bringing a competitive advantage to be translated effectively in the future.

D’Cafe via Bitmovin’s Player takes care of device compatibility, platform updates, new streaming formats and codecs, DRM, and Ad features, so you can concentrate on your core business. Bitmovin also comes with completely customizable video analytics for developers, with an interface that will not only fit your business but can be adapted as your business develops.

Bitmovin Player and Analytics are a powerful combination that catch session quality to monitor performance and undertake real-time decisions, providing insights to adjust configurations and improve the experience. Developers get a direct view of video workflow enabling highly specific measurements to debug or optimize.

Additionally, Bitmovin Analytics can be integrated easily into existing video workflows to monitor load times, buffering, adaptation behavior and see data in real-time. You get a live sketch of how many people are using your site each hour, see the impressions that generated an error within the last hour and monitor your players’ performance. The analytics solution also provides the option of webhooks to alert you of issues as they emerge, giving your dev team the opportunity to correct problems before they affect users.

Bitmovin is coming to Mumbai on Oct 15, for the internet video tech debate. Get in touch with us to schedule a meeting.

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