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Podcast – Reviving the magic of Audio

Blogs - Thursday 21st January 2021

I believe 2019 is a time for hockey stick habit growth and diversification of the audience and the offering.”
Courtney William Holt, Head of Global Studios, Spotify


With rampant competition in today’s world, consistently increasing one’s market share is a bit of a challenge. Whether it is a business man, entrepreneur, consultant, service-based companies, turn key agencies or a publishing house. Being visible on multiple platforms to current and prospective consumers is inevitable.

And in this fast lane podcasts are pacing ahead. Around the globe, millions of mobile users prefer to listen to an audio or podcast while engaging in other activities. It’s easy, reasonably priced, mostly free and very convenient.

Lex Friedman, chief business development officer at Midroll Media, the largest global podcast content producer and a pioneer in the field, talked about the explosive growth of long form podcast listening over the past 12 years to an estimated 67 million people in 2017, approximately the same number that listen to Twitter monthly.  That was roughly 25% of the U.S. population over age 12 in 2017, up 45% from 2015, and up 180% from 2009.  Podcast penetration is strongest among the 18-34 demo, which can be difficult for many advertisers to reach.  The average podcast is 45 minutes and the average podcast ad is 90 seconds… much longer than traditional ads.  A remarkable attentiveness measure according to Edison Research, is that 85% of people who listen to podcasts, listen to the end.


Now why are we telling you all this?

With our integrated service model, DCT can help you either get on this journey and if you are already on it, accelerate your growth.

Podcast production services

All you need to do is record your podcast and ship it to our in-house team of audio experts who will edit, mix, master and post to your hosting platforms.

Podcast integration across platforms with monetization support

Why stop at just creating a Podcast, why not host it on your own website or app?

We can help you build a digital strategy as beautiful as your podcast sounds. Our engineering, Design and Monetization team offers a fully managed service from Design, Production, Deployment and Monetization across popular syndication platforms

Social Media Marketing

“I have got great content, awesome speakers and an engaging website, but is that enough, do i need to market it?” Yes, you do!

You have content but you need means by which this content will get distributed and reach your listeners. Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective ways to do that.

Our Digital Marketing arm will build an evolving marketing plan which will adjust to weekly changes in engagement patterns and share measurable outputs. Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email marketing, Instagram, and more …we’ve got it all.

Curious to know more about us? Please  contact us. We would love to talk to you.

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