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Social Media vs Your Own OTT service

Blogs - Thursday 21st January 2021

Creating your own OTT video service to improve predictability, control, and revenue.

Connecting with viewers used to be simple – you just put your content on broadcast TV. With the development of over-the-top (OTT) technology, this is no longer the case. Viewers are leaving traditional broadcast sources for the choice and control that OTT provides.


The most obvious choice to launch a new video service is YouTube. Three-quarters of U.S. internet users watch video on the site and two-thirds of those watch at least some of their YouTube videos on a television screen.
Many content owners and creators get their start on free video distribution platforms like YouTube. They are easy to set up and provide a steady stream of viewer traffic— these websites are a no-brainer for content creators trying to build their brand and audience. Yet, once they have established a sizable audience and content library of their own, do content owners put their business at risk by continuing to be dependent on another company’s platform?


We live in an age of digital sharecropping and many content owners are growing their video businesses on someone else’s land. You do all the hard work of creating premium content and the platform that hosts your content reaps the benefits, keeps half of your profits, and controls your audience.


The YouTube Ad environment

YouTube’s bread and butter are the pre-roll ads. It works just as well in front of a short two-minute video as it does with a full feature movie. However, according to Tim Schmoyer, a YouTube video creator, and an expert on the platform, there is no guarantee that the ads will appear as scheduled.

However, one of the most important features that a distribution partner should offer a premium online video provider (OVP) is a predictable revenue environment. Without predictability, it is impossible to drive a video business toward success. On this point, the major social video platforms struggle. Companies like YouTube and Facebook may frequently change their business terms. An OVP is completely at the mercy of the whims of these social.

You put yourself at risk if you put all your eggs in a single platform’s basket. You surrender control over your content, audience, and revenue and allow the platform to dictate all the terms. For example, YouTube has started to strictly enforce its advertiser-friendly content standards and as a result, many content creators’ advertising revenue is being compromised because YouTube has pulled their Ads.


Do you still believe this free platform is the best bet to run and monetize your work?

1) YouTube Dilutes your Brand Identity

2) You can only Monetize through Ads

3) You are sharing your Content Rights with YouTube


It is critical for content owners to be independent and distribute their content across multiple channels, including platforms that they own and operate, for several reasons.

Running an owned &operated video site comes with other advantages. It provides:

• A more predictable business environment.
• Complete control of the experience of your brand.
• Control over the appropriateness of the content for your audience and advertisers.

Most importantly, running your own site in conjunction with YouTube, Facebook and other social sites allows you to identify the superfans of your content.

To use the cheap distribution of the internet to start the process of connecting with fans – and then craft products, services and artistic creations for which they will pay lots of money.


D’Cafe is an end-to-end platform that has gained success by providing white labelled, instantly ready Video Streaming Platforms for Content Owners.

It allows video content owners to create and launch their own platform across all platforms we! Choosing your own theme, uploading your logo and syncing with your brand identity is also super easy and pays off well with D’Café as you have your own domain and can choose your monetization options. D’Café has a range of key features to help you create the video streaming platform your audience expects.

Contact us to know more at info@dcafe.io

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