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One of our highly acclaimed clients, Perform is a leading digital sports content and media group. With 26 global offices, 1400+ staff and 1800+ distribution partners. Perform connects 156 million unique users every month with content spanning 40 different sports. The company itself comprises of two main divisions: Perform Content and Perform Media.


PERFORM is one of the largest global sports content group and DCT’s client over the last 4 years. Always at the cutting edge of sports technology and publishing, DCT is proud to support PERFORM in its global operations for Digital Advertising and Business Intelligence.

DCT’s DBS model allowed PERFORM to move away from a multi team, vendor model and utilize DCT’s Ad ops, Rich Media and Analytics services all from a single partner. PEFORM and DCT continue to explore synergies and build win-win strategies.

key areas...

Key areas DCT worked on 

  • Building a robust 24/7 global operations team
  • Helping PERFORM move from a decentralized delivery model to a connected centralized delivery team
  • Building skill-based redundancies and work with disparate business processed
  • Duplication of effort and costs due to multi-locations
  • Building and maintaining detailed region-specific rules and documentation
  • Building an enterprise-wide BI dashboard working with PERFORM leadership
Centralized delivery, Working with Leadership, 24/7 Support, Building skill


As partners with AOL and now Verizon-OATH, DCT had an opportunity to partner with PERFORM in early 2014 and transition the APAC ad operations support in record time.

Global Ad Operations

  • DCT’s proven transnational delivery model helped bring structure and help PERFORM move away from a decentralized delivery model to a calibrated and redundancy-based team structure
  • Our global delivery teams are cross skilled across regions and are available to support in a true 24*7-time model
  • Teams adhere to local time zones and holiday calendars creating a close-knit team working with their onsite counterparts
  • DCT’s Rich media team supports all creative ad requirements from creation to deployment
  • DCT helped PERFORM manage one of their largest Ad server migrations for all their global sites including rich media creatives.
  • DCT team members traveled onsite to ensure no production loss and a smooth transition was achieved
  • Over time, DCT built smart tools to help Campaign Managers reduce their time to decision and create multiple level reports offering quick and ready insights at their fingertips
Perform Brief, Insight, Estimate, Design

Enterprise-wide Dashboard

PERFORM’s CRO had a high-level project to build a 360-degree enterprise-level dashboard with data coming in from multiple sources and teams. The idea was also to build views for key teams and stakeholders ensuring the right data and report is visible to the relevant teams.

  • DCT continues to work the PERFORM global team including finance, delivery, technology, solutions and commercial to ensure an enterprise-grade solution
  • Using Power BI as ‘the’ solution, the teams have built several dashboards giving a clean and flexible dashboard look.
  • We have successfully built a Profit-and-Loss view with details and 3rd level drill-downs available for global finance data.
  • The next phase is to bring in more data sources and build granular views to ensure the PERFORM leadership and delivery teams are up to date with the relevant information
Perform - Finance Enterprisewide Dashboard
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