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Guidemark Health stands on the core pillars of Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Medical Communications and Learning. Its clients receive not just innovative engagement strategies and extraordinary content, but also efficient execution that has the potential to disrupt established markets.

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Guidemark health being a leading healthcare communications agency, had a unique blend of offerings to their clients and thus DCT’s Digital Business Services model fit like a glove both from a skill, talent and culture point of view.

A communications company is as versatile as it gets with Branding, Content Strategy, Technology, and monetization being at their core. With multiple offices across the US, GMH had a decentralized service delivery and supply-driven delivery model. This meant duplication acros functions, processes and technology, with limited central control and governance over business support services.

At DCT, we started engaging with high priority projects applying our consulting model at play. As the client trust grew stronger, DCT was engaged in larger deliveries with a team size of over 20 across multiple domains at its peak.

Digital Business Model - Branding, Technology, Content Strategy, Monetization

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Some key projects and areas DCT collaborated with Guidemark Health

Project management: Laid down value stream maps and business objectives, implemented behavioral, practical and technological changes, improved deliverables and measured the impact.

True 24*7: Across all domains, DCT teams worked in the ET hours to ensure a smooth communication and delivery channel

Multiple Integrations: Porzio, ESP, CRM, Payment Gateways, Analytics, Ad server setups

Guidemark - 24 7 True Real Time Collaboration


HIPPA Compliant: Being a healthcare agency partner, all data and products DCT works on is HIPPA compliant

Sunshine act reporting compliant: This is an essential compliance which DCT was able to ensure. Federal transparency reporting requires Pharmaceutical companies to file an annual public report with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CMS) that details the names of physicians and teaching hospitals who received consulting fees, grants, meals, reprints, and other items of value.

Guidemark Health - HIPPA and Sunshine Act Compliant


Large Enterprise grade developments: A dedicated development team with a strong support function helped DCT develop and deploy large-scale projects. Developed applications to run on Veeva and Pitcher utilized by leading pharmaceutical company’s sales reps.

Launched over 10 responsive sites with ongoing support and enhancements

Developed, enhanced and supported large-scale platforms: Developed a full-scale Speaker Bureau platform


DCT continues to work with Guidemark health and this is an Agency to Agency model working at its best over the last 8 years. In reality, DCT has been an extended arm to Guidemark Health with a common objective in Customers First!

Guidemark Health
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