go digital


the journey

With nearly 4 decades of combined marketing experience, BrandMETTLE focuses on leading their customers into becoming strong brand names. Through an ‘agency-to-agency’ model, DCT has been a logical extension.

At the nucleus, BrandMETTLE is all about developing exciting but sustainable brand engagement.  With over 100 successful brands as their lineage, DCT and BM have been connected at the hip right from the get-go.

the need

The Digital Business Services model at DCT has allowed BrandMettle management to focus on what they do best, in creating brand strategies and helping clients realize their long-term visions, with DCT being the execution arm, helping Project Manage and see all deliveries through successfully.

The need was to build a seamless operation with get-go strategists onsite in BM leadership and an experienced team in DCT which could interpret and convert an idea into reality.

A true collaborative model was established between the 2 companies which helped successfully deliver multiple client projects in a short span of 7 months.


areas DCT impacted

  • Built an intuitive responsive site for one of the largest farms in New Jersey – This was rebuilt ground up to relaunch a brand, meeting today’s eCommerce demands and customer retention.
  • DCT delivered a one-stop solution that consolidated all the features of the 3 existing legacy sites
  • Improved the back-end performance of the site for a quicker and seamless onsite user experience
  • Added enhancements which reduced and eliminated certain manual transactions
  • The new site structure and user flow helped reduce the customer bounce rates and improved retention
  • Deployed an easy to use CMS which made content updating extremely easy for non-technical folks
  • 3D interactive floor plan application was custom built for a senior living community website
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